The Bartending Experience bartending school located at Cypress College is a complete five-week course for people looking to begin a career as a bartender or just looking to learn how to properly make cocktails and drinks at home.
The course was started by Dan Salisbury in 1974 as he saw a need for an educational program that taught people how to make drinks and give them the recipe for a successful bartending career. Since the course began, it’s evolved from simply teaching bartending and has expanded into exploring elements of mixology, utilizing fresh ingredients, infusioned alcohols – truly making bartending an art form.

Schedule and Cost

Open to students 18 and older, the class  will meet once a week for five weeks on either Thursdays or Saturdays. Each class is 4.5 hours long.

The course is $199 and covers tuition, course materials and a kit including:

-Training Manual

-Recipe Cards

-Training DVD

-Drink ingredients for the practical portion of the class

-NEW Tool Kit including:

*Boston Shaker (includes glass, metal can, and strainer)


*Bar Spoon


*Metal Jigger (1oz and 1/2 oz)

*V Lift Spout and Bottle opener

Our upcoming class schedule and registration information can be found here.

-No Financial Aid or Pell Grant will cover this program

What’s Covered in the Course

  • Creating drinks: There’s an art to creating drinks and knowing what alcohols and mixers go together to make a great tasting cocktail. The course will show you how to make numerous drinks quickly and consistently.
  • Garnish cutting: An essential part of bartending is providing drinks that not only taste great but look great. Garnishes compliment the drinks both in flavor and visual presentation. Being a good bartender includes cutting and preparing garnishes to have them ready as customers order drinks.
  • Behind the bar cash register training: Managing money is an essential skill for a bartender. We’ll show you how to keep your cash register squared away in a fast-paced, bar environment.
  • Serve safe regulations: Bars can be in big trouble if they don’t follow Serve Safe regulations. Our class will give you a complete review and through understanding of all Serve Safe regulations. Responsible beverage service is essential to proper bar management. Over serving a customer can result in people potentially getting hurt and serious legal consequences for you and your establishment. We’ll explain these regulations and show you how to adhere to them.
  • Interview tips and resume building: Since we’re focused on helping you start your career as a bartender, we’ll help you with your resume and give you some pointers to use while interviewing for your first bartending job.

Upon completion you’ll receive a Vocational Bartending Certificate from the North Orange Continuing Education.

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