St Patricks Day

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile, the holidays came and went and here we are in 2018. We had New Years filled with friends and bubbly, Valentine’s days filled love and chocolates, and now St. Patrick’s Day is coming up filled with whiskey.
In my family we love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day especially since we have so many Irish people in our group and they love their whiskey hahahaha. The word whiskey comes from the Irish Gaelic uisge beatha meaning the water of life. Whiskey is an alcohol that is produced from fermented grain and aged in wooden barrels. In the early days of distillation (which is the way that the whiskey is processed and made) the distillation consisted of a closed, heated container, a long tube (known as a condenser) where the alcohol vapor would cool and turn back into a liquid, and a receptacle that would catch the alcohol to be used. Years later those machines turned into pot stills, in which alcohol vapor from a heated copper pot was condensed in a helical, water-cooled copper tube called a worm. That is what is commonaly still used today.
A fun fact about whiskey is that The United States not only makes more whiskey than any other nation it also consumes the most too. There are so many great types of Whiskey out on the market, it’s hard to chose a favorite but many bars offer whiskey flights and tastings so that you can find your favorite and try new things.
With St. Patrick’s day coming up I wanted to share our family’s recipe for a fun holiday drink that we like to call the Shamrocked:
-Fill a shaker can half way with ice
-Add 1/2 oz Midori (melon liquor)
-Add 1 oz Irish Whiskey (your choice of brand)
-Add 1/2 oz Irish Cream (your choice of brand)
-Shake all the contents well
-Strain mixture into martini glass
-Top the drink with whipped cream
-Add a mint leave for a festive garnish
Serve and enjoy
Have a wonderful St. Patties day and as always please drink responsibly