Holiday Cocktails

The holidays are officially here and the end of the year is right around the corner. I don’t know about you guys but this year just flew by for me. It’s a time of family, friends, parties, shopping and decorating. With all the parties going on a number one must at parties is the cocktails. It’s great to get the party started and to get people mingling. Drinks are fun to make and enjoyable for your guests especially when they are not only made properly with the right flavor profile but are different and something the guest has never tried before.

Flavor profile is everything when making a cocktail. While it is fun and encouraged to get creative when making drinks and becoming a mixologist. It doesn’t mean that you can throw whatever in a glass and that it will taste great. You need to pick ingredients that will complement each other and ratios that will sit well with the drink and the guest. I always tell my students that bartending is a lot like cooking. You can give someone all the ingredients to make cookies for example, but if someone puts too much salt, sugar, flour ect it may look like a cookie but when they bite into it it tastes terrible. Same goes for cocktails have you ever been to a bar and you order a drink that you get all the time and it tastes nothing like what you are use to? Odds are the bartender isn’t using the right ingredients or they are using the wrong measurements. Not saying everyone needs to follow the exact same recipe or that you can’t be creative. Just make sure to think before you mix and experiment before you serve.

Below is a fun holiday cocktail my family and I made recently that was a hit at one of our holiday parties.
We call it the Cheery O:
-Fill glass with Ice
-1 oz. Whiskey (Your choice and preference)
-1 oz. Tart Cherry Juice
-1/2 oz. Amaretto
-1/2 oz. Ginger Beer
-2 oz. Coke a Cola
-Garnish with a Stemmed Cherry and Mint Leaf

Happy Holidays and as always please drink responsibly!