Happy August!

August is approaching and only one month left of summer…it flew by way too fast! These last few weeks of fun and sun should be enjoyed outdoors with friends. What better weekend thing to do, then brunch with buddies including Bloody Mary’s?

Bloody Mary’s have come a long way from the simple vodka and tomato juice route. A lot of bars and restaurants are going with a craft cocktail approach. While vodka is wonderful and a great staple for bloody Mary’s, try switching it up. Infuse your vodka at home with jalapeño peppers for a few days.
It’s simple and super easy.

Start with a clear clamp top bottle. Fill 3/4 with vodka (your choice) and slice open 2-3 jalapeño peppers (depending on the level of spice you prefer) and drop them in. Let it sit 4-7days in the fridge.

If infusing vodka isn’t your thing or you aren’t a vodka fan another option is switching out the alcohol. Bourbon is tasty, or the latest I’ve been experimenting with is a Tequila Mary.
Once you pick your alcohol base the rest of the drink becomes your own concoction. You get to be the chef.

Many restaurants are offering a build your own Bloody Mary bar, where all the fixings are set out and you get to make your own. Why not organize one at home for your guests?
The rest of a Bloody Mary consists of: Celery salt, worstershire, Tabasco and for a real kick add horseradish…if your sinus can handle it lol. Finish off with tomato juice.

A simple recipe I use is as follows:
Salt rim the glass
3 dashes celery salt
3 dashes worstershire
4 dashes Tabasco Sauce
Fill with tomato juice
Garnish with olives

Garnishes are another creative option. Celery, olives and limes are good. How about mini cheeseburger sliders? Or toothpicks filled with salami, cheese and olives? Or a true breakfast staple BACON. This fun brunch cocktail not only tastes good, it has hundreds of possibilities, no rules and allows you to be creative! Grab some friends, good food and get mixing! As always please enjoy responsibly.