Halloween Time

Hi guys! October is here and that means Halloween is a few weeks away. Halloween is fun for parties, dressing up and most importantly drinks. With everyone in the spooky mood a fun, entertaining and yummy shot to impress your guests with is the brain hemorrhage shot. It’s a great party focus and entertaining to watch this shot be made.
Start with a 1 1/2 oz shot glass:
-Fill the shot glass to the 1 oz line with Peach Schnapps
-Take a bar spoon and use that to float the Baileys to the top of the shot glass. Leaving a little bit of room at the top
-Take Grenadine and drop 4-5 drops slowly into the shot glass
-Watch as the brain explode and float to the top
-Take a picture and then the shot 🙂
What’s fun about this shot is that each one you make is like a snowflake and different, so you never know what you will get. Or what the shot will turn out like visually. If you wait a few minutes they will even begin to change form and explode grenadine, making it look like a big atom bomb explosion. Some say it even reminds them of a lava lamp. It’s great to watch your guests be entertained by how cool it looks and really gets you into the Halloween spirit.
Another fun Halloween shot that is fast, simple and very easy to make is what I call the black widow:
-Rim shot glass with red colored sugar (you can find it online)
-Fill shaker can half way with ice
-Mix 1/2 oz Black Vodka (found at Total Wine or Bevmo)
-1/2 oz cranberry juice
-Shake for 10 seconds minimum
-Pour carefully into shot glass
-Lick the sugar then take the shot
This shot is good because it requires only a few ingredients and very little prep work so you can pre make a bunch of them to have sitting out so you as the host can enjoy the party and not have to spend most of the night mixing up shots for your guests.
Happy Halloween and as always please drink responsibly.