4th Of July

Hi guys!

The Fourth of July weekend is approaching, and summer is in full swing. This weekend is huge for barbecuing lots of food with friends and family, watching fireworks, and best of all cocktails!

What I like to do is themed drinks that look awesome. A favorite for me is one that is simple, fun and visually appealing.  When you’re busy entertaining guests, it can be difficult to enjoy yourself at the party.  A fun,  simple, and quick drink is perfect to get your guests served fast,  so you can enjoy the party and everyone is happy.  For the Fourth of July, I think of red, white, and blue along with sparkles and fireworks. I call this holiday drink the ” Red, White, and Blue Sparkler”
Start with a champagne flute
Rim the champagne flute with lime juice and dip it into red pop rocks
Fill glass with chilled champagne, prosecco or any sparkling wine
Drop blueberries into the glass

This drink is so simple yet it’s fun, and has a nice “pop” to it!
Let’s talk a little about rimming cocktails. Usually you rim salt for margaritas, but you aren’t limited to just salt.  A lot of martinis are rimmed with sugar, for example the delicious lemon drop martini.  You can kick it up a notch by getting colored sugar which matches your party theme.  Maybe it’s a baby shower, and it’s a girl,  you could get pink sugar with the yellow color of the lemon drop, it makes for a beautiful presentation. I choose pop rocks for the red, white and blue cocktail, because it’s not just great for color, but the sweetness adds to the drink and they pop in your mouth along with the bubbles.  It’s a fun combination.  Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday and always drink responsibly.