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Why Bartending School?
Bartending can be an exciting career or a fun way to entertain friends and family at home. But there’s more to bartending than just making drinks. Getting behind the bar requires the right skills and education to make drinks go from good to great, and it also means knowing the business of managing a bar and knowing your local beverage laws.

The Bartending Experience located at Cypress College has been a leading provider of bartending education in Orange County since 1974. Started by expert bartender Dan Salisbury, the program has evolved over the years to  provide students  experience creating the hottest drinks being served in bars around the country and teach the best-practices for managing bars and serving guests.

An Immersive Environment 
There’s a science to bartending and creating delicious drinks that will have customers coming back for more. There’s no substitute for hands-on experience, which is why our program is built around an actual wet-bar. Taught by a father-daughter duo, each student will learn how to make each cocktail and then get behind the bar to practice making the drinks on their own. Each class is limited to 10 people, ensuring each student has a hands-on personalized training experience.

Become a Mixologist
The title can sound intimidating, but with the right approach and culinary education, students can quickly go from a bartender to a mixologist, crafting custom cocktails that excite the palate and keep customers wanting more. In our bartending program you’ll learn how to pair drinks with foods, craft unique cocktails not listed on a menu anywhere, and how to engage customers in your bar, bringing them back for more. This program is also great for people who just want to make drinks at home for fun.

Customer Service and Bar Management
There’s more to being a bartender than making drinks. While crafting unique and delicious cocktails is essential as a bartender, so is customer service and providing patrons an experience they won’t soon forget. In this program you’ll enjoy a hands-on approach to truly tending bar, watching customers to see who needs something else, making sure customers haven’t been over served, ensuring all local regulations have been followed and making sure your staff is on top of their game.

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